Humans of Flippa

Humans of Flippa

Conversations with real life buyers and sellers of digital assets.


Conquering Ecom and Selling Big with Max Fontaine

Meet Max Fontaine, a driven and ambitious entrepreneur who turned his passion for dropshipping and Ecommerce into a successful full-time career. Max launched numerous Ecommerce stores, and pivoted his career a number of times to get where he is today. His most recent businesses, a jewelry dropshipping and a watch bands store, just sold on Flippa. The exits left Max incredibly happy, and offered him plenty of new opportunities for the future. 



How to Pivot a Life-long Career with Flippa with Rod Gunn

Rod Gunn successfully sold his social media company BoostYourPresence on Flippa. The business helped brands and influencers increase their social media engagement. Usually a field in which Rod explains he had zero experience, he saw the potential in this area and started plotting how he could scale his business in a space that was rapidly growing. The business shot up to an impressive multiple in just two years, but Rod had other plans with his entrepreneurial career and decided to exit the business, with a sales figure that far exceeded his expectations.

Aggregating Sites and Taking a Portfolio Approach to Scale with Scott Oldford

Scott Oldford is a seasoned entrepreneur, advisor, investor and mentor. He runs a diverse portfolio of multiple assets, and he’s back on Flippa to build an ecosystem of businesses in two niches: entrepreneurship and lifestyle development. Scott has already acquired five businesses on Flippa this year, and he’s ready to acquire a dozen more by next year. His number one tip when it comes to buying businesses? Consider buying multiple assets, and put them together to build something bigger. Listen to Blake and Scott’s conversation and find out more about the biggest challenges of buying and selling businesses, how to successfully scale a business and much more.

How to Sell an Ecom Business with Michael Herzog

Michael Herzog is a Google Ads expert and successful Flippa seller who recently sold up big, with his eCommerce asset Seed Armory selling for $630,000. In this episode of Humans of Flippa, Michael talks through his sale process, from selecting a buyer that will enhance his business to adding legitimacy to his sale for ease of transfer.

How to Find the Right Business for Sale on Flippa with Samir ElKamouny

Samir shares his simple tips to finding the right business for you. Samir is the Founder and CEO of Fetch & Funnel, a premium performance marketing agency that amplifies growth for impactful brands. He has both bought and sold businesses on Flippa, picking up some valuable insights on the way which he imparts on his clients.

Selling a Business to Start a Consulting Company with Flo Kunle

When the company Flo was working for, experienced a mass layoff in 2005, he jumped from part-time job to part-time job for a few years before quitting the workforce altogether to become a full-time entrepreneur, ultimately selling his online business on Flippa. Flo started his business in 2006 after experiencing the layoff and scaled the website for three to four years before selling it on Flippa for $40,000. Read more about Flo here.

Become a High Growth Digital Business Aggregator with Chase Lewitt

Chase is a long-time Flippa buyer who has bought four businesses on Flippa, totalling $643,500 in transactions. Initially, there was a sense of hesitation as he didn’t quite have the confidence to completely extract his living expenses and invest in an online business. However, after much research and vetting of the industry, Chase found the courage to take a leap of faith to entrepreneurship. Read more about Chase here.

Revolutionizing the Medical Sector with Karen Boyer

“I was coming off a career as a police officer and I perceived myself as not having any civilian world skills…” Karen went to Barnes & Noble, Inc. and picked up a copy of “Building a Website for Dummies”. She founded OnlineMedCerts and 16 years later sold the business on Flippa for $225,000.

Mastering Digital Products with Alexandru Dumitru

Alexandru developed the Ecommerce business Designious, which he then went on to sell for over $150,000. He discusses his exit with Flippa CEO Blake Hutchison and the advantages of selling a digital product business in the age of dropshipping.

Turning a Passion into a Monumental Exit with Owen Walker

Owen developed Science for Sport, an online-only sports science education company. He developed this business with a strong exit in mind and has seen tremendous success through sticky revenue options, such as offering a magazine subscription which enables consistent income flow.

Acquiring and Exiting with Devon Wright

Devon is an accomplished entrepreneur and early stage investor, who previously spearheaded Yelp Restaurant Marketplaces. He recently acquired an asset on Flippa and has big ambitions to turn it into something special. Hear his wealth of business expertise as he chats with Flippa CEO Blake Hutchison.

Alex Mirzaian – Entreprenuer and Serial Business Flipper

Alex is a successful buyer and seller on Flippa who has completed 20 transactions totalling over $73,000. He’s an SEO expert, and has used this skillset to build many businesses which needed a boost in traffic.

David Carroll – CEO of DJC Digital

DJC is a digital asset brokerage boutique helping investors and entrepreneurs acquire digital properties. David joined us to share how he uses Flippa to help his clients success and what he’s learnt from his years of experience.

Jessica Williamson – Entrepreneur and business coach.

Jessica recently sold her swimwear eCommerce business on Flippa which she developed herself. Jessica has years of experience and uses her expertise to help the next generation of small business owners. So let’s find out just how she earned all of her success.

Alexander Fusaro – Web designer and business consultant who runs his own business called eBiz Select.

eBiz Select help businesses navigate the online market space, so his expertise in flipping is valuable. While he fell in to business brokerage he found he really enjoys finding solutions for people looking to exit or own a business.

Angela Harnett – An Amazon veteran who has bought and sold many many businesses online.

She’s dominating the world of Amazon entrepeneurialship and even educates others on just how easy it can be to follow in her footsteps.

Watch more from Angela here.

Al Buragas – Part of an elite group on Flippa, they’re known as Super Sellers.

Al Buragas and his Super Seller status means he has achieved 100% positive feedback and works only with high quality assets. Al has also managed to hit 60 transactions totalling nearly $120,000 in 5 short years.

So how has he done it? Find out in today’s Humans of Flippa.

Brett Helling – Transforming your hobby for business ownership into a fully fledged career

Brett Helling has been starting businesses since he was a kid. From the age of 12, he and his twin brother started and ran a mowing company (mowing yards in the neighbourhood). He soon caught the business bug and since then, Brett has been acquiring businesses expanding his online portfolio to 13 businesses, the majority of which have been bought on Flippa. Vainer – Turning A Forgotten Side Project into a Successful Sale

Alex Vainer is an entrepreneur with a lot on his plate. Every now and again, his time disappears and he has to push a great idea to the back burner. That’s what brought him to Flippa and what will likely bring him back many times again.

Chris Hammond – Leaving His Day Job Behind For A New, Free Life

Chris Hammond is exactly the type of person we love to see here at Flippa. Sick of answering to a boss, he set out on his own course, buying sites on Flippa and building them into something even bigger, like his guinea pig blog or light therapy website.

Creating Designs for Digital Entrepreneurs with Bryon Brewer

Bryon Brewer has been operating websites for what feels like forever. He’s created a lifestyle for himself that allows a freedom to work when and from where he chooses. Through his business, Human Proof Designs, he also allows beginners to easily follow his path.

Winning at Blogging with Modi Ramos

Modi sold her horse blog for $160k right here on Flippa. She continues to run other successful blogs like this one about cats. What’s her secret? Don’t worry too much about algorithms, just make great content and people will start to show up.

Goran Duškić – Stealthily Managing Over 20 Websites with Ninja Precision

Goran is a longtime friend of Flippa. He’s been buying and selling for years, slowly building his portfolio and learning while he does it. He currently runs WhoAPI as well as Webmaster.Ninja – a monitoring platform for anyone with multiple online businesses.

Chelsea Clarke – The Journey from Blogger to Blog Entrepreneur

Chelsea found her passion for buying and selling websites after realizing that blogging could be more than a hobby – it could be a career. Today she buys, builds, and sells content sites not just for herself, but for her clients through her Blogs For Sale brokerage.

Jay Haussman – Finding The Perfect Mix of Art and Business

Jay is a trained tattoo artist with a business school education. Seeking a way to combine the age old tradition of tattooing with modern day technology, he came to Flippa where he acquired, grew, and ultimately sold his website to a likeminded artist like himself.

James de Berg – Exiting An Online Toy Business with Flippa and Sailing Away

James, and his wife Magda, ran one of the most successful online toy stores in the whole of Australia for nearly a decade. When the time came to exit, they turned to Flippa where they quickly found a buyer. They’re now setting sail on new adventures, quite literally.

Michael Bereslavsky – Advice After Over a Decade in the Game.

Michael has been using Flippa since before it was even called “Flippa”. His journey began with a $50 purchase and continued to grow exponentially from there. These days, he uses his years of experience to work full time as a digital investor and broker.

Paula Moore – From Doctor of Chiropractics to Digital Nomad

Paula is an established Chiropractor, but found her real passion when she morphed her skills into the online “Posture Doctor”. After selling her business on Flippa, she now develops domain nameswrites ‘About Us’ pages, and buys and sells domains.

Joe Burrill – The Student Becomes The Master

Joe was a student of Liz & Matt Raad. Now he is a highly successful broker who uses the Flippa platform to help others achieve their dreams by selling their online businesses. To date, he has sold over $1,000,000 in assets and counting.

Liz & Matt Raad – Teaching Others, or Learning From Them? Pt. 1

Liz & Matt are two of the happiest people we know. They begin each day with a mountain bike ride and then move on to their day jobs of running a slew of websites and teaching digital entrepreneurship to the next generation.

Priyadarshan Joshi – A Positive Outlook Can Skyrocket Your Success

Priyadarshan has the mindset that every entrepreneur needs. He sees each sunrise as the opportunity to plant a new seed or start a new business. He also turned a $1k acquisition into $92k, but that’s another story for another time.

Stacy Caprio – From Grandma’s House All The Way To The Penthouse

After a few experiments gone not-so-right, Stacy found huge success in the digital world, buying and building upon a site she found on Flippa, allowing her to leave her cubicle for a life of freedom and the ability to make each day her own.

Ron Stefanski – A Humble Teacher Becomes the OneHourProfessor

Ron had always wanted to be an entrepreneur and figured that websites had the lowest barrier to entry. 7 websites later, he turned his side hustle into a full-time gig, and now teaches others how to do it as the One Hour Professor.

Jacqui Pretty – This Author Wrote Her Own Future

Jacqui had been running her publishing company for years, but after a surprising revelation when she least expected it, she decided the time had come to sell her business on Flippa and now has time to work on the writing she’s passionate about.

Joe Burrill & John Chen – The Seller, The Buyer, & The In Between

Joe is a rockstar broker on Flippa. John is an eCommerce hero. Recently, John and Joe crossed paths as a fashion website exchanged hands between the two of them. This is a rare chance to hear from both ends of a successful deal on Flippa.

John Chen – Scaling eCommerce Stores over, and over again.

John Chen acquired a small eCommerce site for $7k on Flippa. Not long after, he turned around and sold it on Flippa for nearly half a million dollars. Now he’s onto an even bigger deal. His insights into eCommerce are critical for anyone looking to buy and scale.