How To Buy a YouTube Channel?

Buying a YouTube channel may not have crossed your mind before as an option to start making money online. However, it can be a lucrative endeavour if you are selective and do your due diligence.

You probably have many questions, such as:

  • How do YouTube channel sales work?
  • Is it legal to buy a YouTube channel?
  • How much does it cost to buy a YouTube channel?
  • Is there risk involved with buying a YouTube channel?

We’ll go through these questions and more to help inform all about the process of buying and selling YouTube channels.

Can I Buy a YouTube Channel?

The short answer is yes. You can legally buy YouTube channels and find specific sites to buy and sell YouTube channels (like Flippa).

Why Buy a YouTube Channel?

Before diving into the intricacies of a purchase, it’s helpful to consider the incentives for buying a YouTube account or channel.

The benefits of buying a YouTube channel include:

  • You can earn residual income from the videos already posted on the channel.
  • You can make the most of those existing videos’ ad and affiliate revenue for years.
  • Buying a channel with a dedicated subscriber base enables you to build on the foundation of the original owner’s content. 
  • The YouTube algorithm prioritizes videos with higher view counts. Therefore, building on the owner of the channel’s active subscribers is much easier than starting from scratch.

There are many things to consider before deciding on a channel and pursuing a safe transaction. 

Buying a YouTube channel saves you a lot of time and effort associated with building a channel with plenty of YouTube subscribers and original content by yourself. Having a ‘ready channel’ means there is a higher potential for monthly revenue associated with the channel.  


Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned investor, Flippa offers a world class technology platform and advisory team tailored to your business acquisition needs. Flippa has over 60,000 active business listings ranging from $5K to $50M.

Things to Consider When Buying a YouTube Channel

There are several things to ask the primary owner before buying a channel. The answers to these questions will affect the current and potential value of the channel going forward. 

Channel Monetization

Is the channel monetized? The channel could have thousands of existing subscribers. Still, if the channel owners haven’t enabled monetization, the channel can’t earn anything through a Google Adsense account and can’t promote affiliate links.

In fact, if a channel has many subscribers and isn’t monetized, then there may be reasons why the channel hasn’t passed YouTube’s monetization approval process. For example, does the channel have any strikes or copyright issues that mean it isn’t eligible for monetization?

An already monetized YouTube channel will be earning money from ad revenue. Channels with monetization enabled are, therefore, more profitable. They can also make money from promoting affiliate links, contributing to total revenue. This dynamic is why most buyers what to buy monetized YouTube channels. You’ll want to know the monthly revenue of the channel to determine its value. 

If the account isn’t a monetization-enabled YouTube channel, you’ll want the original owner to start the monetization process.

How Old is the Channel?

Older channels often have more authority and trust built up with their audience. That might make these aged accounts more attractive since there is a guaranteed regular audience. 

However, the inverse is also true. If an aged channel hasn’t posted in a long while, its audience may have grown stale. They may not be receptive to new content.

How Many Subscribers Does the Channel Have?

Does the channel have 100k followers, or is there only 1k sub? The main factor affecting the channel’s overall worth is the number of subscribers. To profit from this transaction, being aware of this information is crucial.

How Many Videos Does the Channel Have?

You should view the quality and quantity of the channel’s videos as an asset, which means a channel with two videos produced is probably not worth the same as one with 200.

Is There a Personality Associated? 

Are the original videos hosted on the channel reliant upon a real YouTube personality for their success? If that’s the case, then a loyal audience may get disinterested in your new content on the channel without the draw of that personality. 

All of these questions will determine the value of the YouTube channel. But even before negotiating the price, you should be aware of the risks. 


Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned investor, Flippa offers a world class technology platform and advisory team tailored to your business acquisition needs. Flippa has over 60,000 active business listings ranging from $5K to $50M.

Is There Risk Involved When Buying a YouTube Channel? 

Selling a YouTube channel is against YouTube’s policies. However, there is no legal barrier to doing this, and there are plenty of verified sellers like Flippa to facilitate the process. 

If YouTube discovers that a channel has changed hands, a YouTube account could be banned — to date, there have been no instances of an account being banned due to a content creator selling their channel.

We can guide you through the process to help protect against this outcome. For example, your IP address may indicate if you suddenly take charge of a channel from a different location.  

How To Buy a YouTube Channel on Flippa?

Flippa is the number one marketplace to buy all online businesses, from eCommerce stores to domain names and apps.

It’s also a verified seller for various social media accounts:

  • Buy YouTube accounts.
  • Buy Instagram accounts.
  • Buy TikTok accounts.
  • Buy Twitter accounts.

These accounts represent considerable potential for entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers looking to make the most of a ready-made captive audience. 

Let’s go through the steps of buying a YouTube account through Flippa:

Step 1

Sign up for a Flippa account. This will give you access to detailed information when searching for prospects, like seller notes and financial information. It’s required that you sign up before placing any bids or buying a YouTube channel.

Step 2

Browse the options available. You will be able to check information such as the age of the channel, the number of subscribers, the profit margin, and the monthly revenue of the channel.

You can also read information about the seller, including their transaction history and their percentage of positive feedback. Speak to our support teams if you require any assistance.

Step 3

Through the Flippa platform, we can facilitate the bidding/buy-it-now process for the YouTube channel, depending on your preference.

If you are successful in your bid, we’ll act as mediators between you and the seller to help smooth the process of transferring ownership of the account.

Step 4

Once you’ve gained access to the hopefully monetized channel, you can then manage who has access to the account, delete other owners, and start your new venture as owner of a monetized YouTube channel.

Summing Up

People buy YouTube channels for all different reasons. Usually, it is because they see it as a way to either add value to a pre-existing business they own or see opportunities for them to grow/expand a channel and create a profitable business. Lastly, Flippa is great for buying or selling a YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to buy a YouTube channel?

The cost to buy a YouTube channel depends on various factors like the number of subscribers, the current monthly revenue, the money it makes from affiliate links, how old the channel is etc. Remember that it costs nothing to create a YouTube channel in the first place, so you’re paying for the earning potential of the channel.

How much money do 1 million YouTube views make?

There isn’t an easy formula to work out the views to money made ratio. However, Forbes estimates a  rate of $5 per 1,000 views. That means a video with a million views could make upwards of $5000.

When does YouTube pay out?

YouTube channel owners are paid monthly and receive a check by mail or direct deposit. However, creators must have at least 1k subs and at least 4k watch hours in the past year. This is the threshold to joining the YouTube Partners program.

Do YouTubers get paid for old videos?

Yes, as long as old videos have relevant content that viewers still search for, you can still gain residual income from old videos. That means that when you buy a YouTube channel will original videos, you can make money from those old videos as the new owner. 

Can you buy YouTube subscribers?

Many websites claim to sell subscribers to those accounts wanting to grow their following. However, YouTube is very strict on its policies regarding manipulating its algorithms for fake user engagement. We strongly advise that you don’t try to buy YouTube subscribers.

How much can I sell a YouTube channel for?

A guiding principle is that you can sell a Youtube for around 36 times its monthly revenue. So, if you make $100, a rough valuation would be $3600. However, as discussed, various other factors can affect a YouTube channel’s value.

How to transfer ownership of a Youtube channel?

In an account’s Permissions Settings, the primary owner must select Primary Owner > Transfer next to the person’s or company’s name. Going through this step removes yourself as the primary owner of the channel and completes the transfer.


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