Turning $10K into $100K: 10 Ways To Make It Happen


Building wealth needs to be done methodically and sensibly. Whether starting your own business, investing in stocks, or buying into an established business, you must ensure that you have a plan and conduct research.

If you’re prepared to do these things, then turning 10K into 100K quickly is entirely possible for you. Let’s explore the most consistent, tried-and-tested ways to make a lot of money with minimal investments in as short an amount of time as possible.

What should you do with $10K?

Before you jump into any process that promises to double your money fast, guarantees that you’ll be earning passive income, or insists that you’ll be able to retire early. You must carefully consider why you wish to play dice with your hard-earned money and the potential risks involved.

Your reasoning behind what you ultimately decide to do with your initial investments may impact the type of venture you choose to pursue. If, for example, your goal is to pay off debt, you’ll need to ensure that there is as low a risk as possible on whichever method you go for. Turning 10K into 20k might be enough for you to settle everything.

If you wish to build strong savings accounts for your children, you may be aiming to turn 10K into 100K, but you’d be happy to happen over a more extended period. If that is the case, you should look to invest 10K in things that have a lower risk but will also produce a lower-yielding average return on investment.


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The Best Ways to Invest $10K

Suppose your goal is to secure financial independence and make as much money as possible within a short time. If you are in a position where you can afford to lose money, you may look to increase your initial investments to help make this happen even quicker. 

In that case, you should turn to higher-risk strategies with higher potential capital gains. Whatever route you go down, you must ensure that you conduct your due diligence so you don’t get caught up in something that will cost you more than you can afford. 

If you are starting, consult a financial advisor for anything you are unsure of. Here are the most effective ways to earn money and turn that 10K into 100K before you know it.


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1. Buy an Established Business

Thanks to online marketplaces such as Flippa, and it is possible to purchase an established business already making a profit. With this investment, you take on a business that has already worked well for its previous owners and attempt to scale it using your marketing strategies and sales platforms.

The initial outlay for this method can be considerable. People have worked hard on these businesses and want to make the most of the sales. 

One apparent advantage of this method is that the company will almost certainly be in a position to turn a profit immediately, meaning that you can recoup that initial investment quickly before increasing your cash flow and strengthening your bank account.

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2. Real Estate Investing

One of the more secure options is investing in real estate. This is the process where you purchase physical real estate and list it as a rental property. You will then earn money through rental payments and appreciation on a property.

However, most properties will not be on the market for 10K or less, so how can you get your foot in the door and secure your first property?

One excellent option is to turn to real estate crowdfunding. Platforms such as Fundrise allow investors to purchase real estate as a combined venture with other like-minded individuals. Each investor will then receive dividends as the properties increase in value.

The advantage of real estate crowdfunding platforms is that the risk is shared, meaning that it can be a low-risk entry point into the world of real estate. You will likely not have to sink your entire 10K into a single property. You can still invest your money across other ventures and diversify your portfolio.

Money invested in real estate is often a long-term investment unless you have the necessary personal capital to flip houses. You can also invest in REITs or real estate investment trusts. These organizations purchase the real estate themselves and then pass profits onto their investors through dividend stocks.

3. Product and Website Buying and Selling

Another method that can help you make money quickly with relatively low risk is reselling products, also known as flipping products or flipping items.

With this method, you will scour the internet for items on sale or available as part of a deal. You will then purchase these items and immediately look to sell them for profit via online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

There is some risk involved with this buying and selling strategy as there is no guarantee that you will be able to find a buyer willing to agree to your amended price. However, since you are buying the initial items on sale or as part of a deal, the losses can still be relatively low if things don’t go to plan.

Alternatively, you can look to try your hand at website flipping. This follows the same concept, except the timescale will often be much longer as you’ll need to carry out considerable work on the website to maximize profits.

When you flip websites, you’re looking to buy them cheap and work on their functionality, design, and SEO efficiency to make them profitable.

4. Invest in Index Funds

Another potential method to grow your wealth is investing in index funds. These are funds that track entire indexes, such as the S&P 500. They’re traditionally seen as a lower-risk strategy for making money, with an average return on investment of around 10.5%.

Having a brokerage account is usually an intelligent way to protect your assets. When it comes to this form of investment, you may wish to seek the help of online brokerages who will be able to assist with buying and selling your assets. As they are experts in the field, they can often maximize the rates of return you could expect to receive.

5. Invest in Mutual Funds or EFTs

Another type of fund you could look to invest in is a mutual fund. Like index funds, they are usually managed by a professional brokerage account. You could invest in bonds, stocks, money markets, and other securities. 

Mutual funds are generally seen as a low-risk strategy to turn 10K into 100K, though it is challenging to get them to yield significant results in the short term. 

An exchange-traded fund, or EFT, is similar to a mutual fund. When you invest in EFTs, you are pooling your money the same way you would with a mutual fund. However, investing in EFTs will generally result in lower starting fees. EFTs also benefit from day trade on the stock exchange, meaning you can trade them anytime.

In contrast, mutual funds can only be traded at a particular time each day once the market has closed.

6. Invest in Dividend Stocks

Established businesses like to do what they can to reward their investors. One of these rewards comes in the form of dividend stocks. 

This method requires you to invest your money in high-profile, profitable companies. You will receive a portion of the company’s profits from dividend stocks as an investor. As with any form of investing in stocks, there is an element of risk involved. 

Most companies that offer dividend stocks are within markets and sectors that can handle economic bumps. This, coupled with the fact that only highly successful companies will offer this type of trading stock, makes it a low-risk strategy.

7. Peer-to-peer lending (P2P)

P2P lending does what the name suggests. It is a higher-risk strategy that involves lending your personal finance to others in exchange for repayments at interest rates, much the same way the bank would for a personal loan.

The return on investment largely depends on the credit score of the individual borrowing the money. You will generally earn higher interest rates for lending to people with lower credit scores, though this would be much more high-risk than lending to those with solid credit scores. 

As you’ll potentially be dealing with individuals who may have struggled to get loans elsewhere due to poor credit histories, you will need to carefully consider to who you loan your money if you want to grow your money with this method.

8. Invest in cryptocurrencies 

If you’ve been online for any time, you’ll have heard of this form of money-making. It has taken the world by storm, eagerly heralded as the next big thing, while simultaneously baffling countless individuals worldwide. 

Investing in crypto is still highly volatile to try and make money. The value of most coins rises and falls in line with the stock market, though it isn’t traded directly on the stock market. Investors can trade crypto via a cryptocurrency exchange or traditional brokers, such as Coinbase or eToro.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is extremely risky. Every four years, bitcoin undergoes an event called the ‘bitcoin halving,’ whereby bitcoin mining rewards is cut in half. As a result, the price tends to skyrocket (bull market), but when the market corrects, bitcoin can correct up to 70-85% (bear market). 

Source: Bitcoin Magazine

When bitcoin enters a bear market, most altcoins (aka shitcoins) lose around 99% of their value. Some of these altcoin projects will fail and never come back. With crypto lending platforms like Celcius and Voyager Digital halting withdrawals of customers’ funds, the adage crypto saying still holds true today, “Not your keys, not your wallet.”


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9. Start an Online Business

Starting an online business is a dream for many people. Being your own boss and selling products and services you care about is appealing. 

When it comes to turning 10K into 100K, this is perhaps the most complex and time-consuming method to get there. There is so much that goes into starting an eCommerce store that you will need it to be an actual passion project to find success.

There are many different types of online business ideas that you could pursue. Affiliate marketing and dropshipping are both tried and tested routes to creating a profitable business.


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10. Start an Etsy Store

Another form of online business that is extremely popular is an Etsy store. This allows the owner to showcase their creations to a huge potential customer base who regularly browse through these types of stores. 

Etsy stores are a labor of love, with everything usually handled by the owner. If you are looking to turn 10K into 100K, there will likely come a time when you will need to scale up and involve shipping partners to hit that monetary goal.

Etsy stores involve some upfront costs you will need to be aware of, though compared to some of the other methods mentioned on this list, these costs are reasonable and can quickly be recouped if the business takes off.

Summing Up

Turning 10K into 100K is a natural dream for people everywhere. The thought of financial independence is tantalizing. Thanks to the internet and the ingenuity of trailblazers who have worked out how to utilize it best, the opportunities for making serious money have never been better.

However, investing 10K comes with risk, no matter how minimal. It is vital to ensure that you are in a comfortable position to handle the losses should things not work out. Make sure you’ve done your research, are as debt-free as possible, and consulted with financial experts and professionals before putting your hard-earned cash on the line.
At Flippa, we are the world’s number one online marketplace for buying and selling all types of online businesses. We are proud of our record of helping first-timers, and seasoned veterans find businesses that will help make their money dreams a reality. If you have a business that you wish to sell or are thinking of purchasing your first business, contact us today.


Flippa’s intelligent valuations engine is the industry’s most accurate tool, taking into consideration thousands of sales and live buyer demand. Find out what your business is worth with our free valuation tool and plan your next move.

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