Identifying the right business financing for you can be complex and overwhelming. Access the funds you need to start, grow or acquire a business by connecting with one of our finance partners. Learn more below and get approved today!

Our Finance Partners

Guidant provides a number of financing options to small business owners including 401(k) business financing, SBA business loans and unsecured loans.

Features & Requirements


  • With 401(k) financing, you can use your retirement funds as business capital without incurring early withdrawals or tax penalties.
  • No interest payments involved meaning quicker path to profitability.
  • SBA loan has lower interest rates and budget-friendly repayment terms.


  • Minimum 50k in funding required to qualify for 401(k) assistance.
  • Credit score of 690 or above for SBA loan.

Unsecured Funding Source (UFS) provides funding for personal, business and start-up use. For over 15 years, UFS has helped entrepreneurs access over $500M in funding to buy or expand businesses, both on and offline. They offer 100% unsecured personal loans, business loans and lines of credit as well as start-up loans for new revenues, including pre-revenue businesses. Loan approvals are based on personal creditworthiness, not the financials of the business you’re looking to buy. Once approved, you can use the money for any purpose. 

Features & Requirements


  • Unsecured loans and lines of credit up to $350k (for highly qualified clients).
  • Rates from 5.99 to 11% (depending on credit).
  • Terms of 3 to 5 years (most clients average 5 to 7 years).
  • 100% unsecured — no home equity or other assets required.
  • Funds can be used for any purpose.
  • Turnaround time averages 2-3 weeks.


  • US residents only.
  • 700+ credit score.
  • Must have verifiable income for loan programs (credit-card based programs are available if income is an issue).
  • No major derogatory items on credit report.

Boopos operates a non-dilutive revenue-based financing platform. We help buyers acquire businesses by financing up to 80% of the purchase price. We don’t take personal guarantees and get repaid by collecting a percentage of the revenue until a return cap is reached. We can approve a deal in 48 hours and fund in just 7 days.

Having Boopos as a financial partner will allow you to limit and control risk when buying a business. You can leverage your capital to diversify and acquire more businesses. Contrary to traditional banking, we offer our clients prepayment incentives so they can cancel the facility at any time. 90% of our clients repeat!

Features & Requirements


  • Up to USD$3M in flexible acquisition capital available for subscription businesses and e-commerce (DTC and FBA).
  • No personal guarantees or dilution.
  • Compatible with other sources of funding.
  • Long Term debt: up to 5 years with early prepayment incentives.
  • Pre-approval in 48h and funding in 7 days.
  • Repayments are made through a percentage of revenues.
  • No restriction on buyer or seller residence.


  • E-commerce (Amazon, others marketplaces or D2C) and subscription businesses.
  • Earnings visibility and customer recurrence.
  • USD100K minimum ask price.
  • Acquiring entity established in US/Canada, UK/Ireland or Australia.
  • Cash equity commitment equivalent to 25% of our funding amount.

Types of Business Loans & Finance

Access the funds you need to start, grow or acquire a business by connecting with one of our finance partners.

SBA Loan

A small business loan administered by the small business administration (SBA). The SBA guarantees between 50-80% of the loan, thereby reducing the lender’s risk.

Lower interest rates than traditional business loans. Can combine with 401(k) financing. 700+ credit score required for approval.

401k Financing

401(k) business financing, also known as Rollovers for Business Startups (ROBS) allows you to draw money from your retirement account in order to start or buy a business without incurring an early withdrawal fee or tax penalty.

Access to your own money without going into debt. No interest. No collateral. No credit score.

Unsecured financing

Get the funding you need with less risk. Borrow using your established credit history — no need for collateral or to tap into your home equity to secure the loan.
Use finance to fuel an existing business, fund start up or for personal use.

What to expect during the financing application

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   Confirm Your Credit Score


   Confirmation: Pre-qualification details

   Your application will be provided to the selected provider and a representative will be in contact with you in 48hrs.

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