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Features and Benefits

More Buyers. Access the world’s largest network of online business buyers, including funds verified buyers. Achieve the best outcomes for your clients and pay a small commission when one of our buyers converts.

Free Advertising. Get featured in our newsletters, plus broker-only promotions like blog posts, podcasts and similar media.

Directory. Placement in our growing online business broker directory — we’ll showcase your expertise so sellers can easily find you.

Low fees. Free listings and discounted success fees.

NDAs. Protect listings with a FREE NDA.

Product Integrations. Use our product integrations, embedded LOI function and integrated escrow services.

Affiliates. Instant access to Flippa’s affiliate program. Refer buyers or sellers and earn.

Seller referrals. Flippa matches business owners with brokers to help them sell their businesses at speed, and with optimal results.

About Flippa

With an active buyer budget in the billions, and over $500M in sales, Flippa offers the most efficient end to end platform globally; including integrated escrow, embedded legal services, a comprehensive due diligence team and more.

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